About Us

Sunny Sunday isn’t just a brand, it’s a feeling: Bright. Happy. Carefree. Fun.

We make products that do more than clean – they give you peace of mind because besides being free from harmful chemicals and dyes, they are safer for use around children, pets and the planet. Oh yes – and they clean like the dickens.

Why? Because family matters: Sunny Sunday was inspired by my son who suffers from numerous allergies and created by my husband, an R&D chemist who was determined to create better options. Sunny Sunday is a better clean in every way:

✓ Less-irritating.

✓ Eco-friendly, sustainable, and non-toxic.

✓ 100% effective on dirt and grime.

“Clean” cleaning products? It’s no pun, that’s our mission!

Sunny Sunday Co - a different kind of cleaning company .

Our Sunny Sunday Co. line provides safe and effective products for the home that are eco-friendly, sustainable and affordable. For your family's health and Mother Nature's wellness give them a try.

We are certain that you will love our Sunny Sunday products.

We are proud New Yorkers:

Inspired by the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of our city, we were motivated to become a different kind of cleaning company – one that not only produce “clean” cleaning products for a happier planet, but one that also nurtures our local economy. So naturally, when it came to developing our formulations, manufacturing our products and developing our marketing plans, we found companies in our backyard to help us bring Sunny Sunday to the rest of the world.